The new technology allows to significantly increase the autonomy of smartphones

Новая технология позволяет существенно повысить автономность смартфонов

Новая технология позволяет существенно повысить автономность смартфонов

One of the weaknesses of modern smartphones is the autonomy. Scientists from around the world are working on new types of batteries that will allow mobile gadgets to work for longer times, but still, before too long. Singapore researchers have gone the other way, deciding to increase the time life of smartphones by reducing energy consumption.

Developed by experts from the National University of Singapore the technique promises to reduce by as much as 80% of the amount of energy consumed during data transmission, tells techradar.

What does it mean

This means that with the new technology of smartphones will use five times less energy in the exchange of information directly inside the unit or “through the air”.

Monitoring of consumption is performed by dynamic regulation of the amplitude of the transmitted signal. Thus, a critical task will apply the standard algorithms, while in most cases the program is able to provide low power consumption and maximum efficiency.

Additionally, the device may be equipped with a computer vision-based cameras, ultra-low power consumption. The camera will work continuously, independently making the decision on the need to reduce energy consumption or its growth.

For example, when during video playback the user moves away from the screen or looking away, the system will be able to reduce the quality of the picture and make the display less bright. The timing of implementation of such technologies are not yet known.

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