The new technology will allow for lightning fast to charge smartphones

You are satisfied with the charging speed of your smartphone? It would be faster, right? But if we tell you that very soon high-speed charging can charge a smartphone to 80 percent in just 1 minute? This technology was presented by scientists from China.

If you do not remember the most budget models, almost all smartphones support at least 18 watts of charging. The current leader of the charge speed is a 65 watt charger in Oppo Reno Ace. The most distinguished company Xiaomi, which announced the creation of a high-speed charging capacity of 100 watts. However, scientists from China have gone further, reports Gizchina.

At the Global alumni forum of Peking University on 1 December Professor Juan Ungui from the University of science and technology of China presented their research results.
It turns out that they have developed a technology that charges a smartphone up to 80% in just 1 minute. For the first time this technology became known in 2014. It it used by Huawei in its smartphones and other gadgets.

At the same time, in an official statement, there was no information that specifically would indicate the battery capacity, which participated in the trials. However, it is worth noting that the Professor was trying to explain what it says about contemporary volumes of batteries.


The technology is based on the work of Chinese scientists in the field of composite electrode materials.

It is known that the author of the concept was awarded the second prize of National natural science Foundation of China in 2016.

Unfortunately, other characteristics of announced devices was not stated. Also, the developers did not disclose when it will be possible to see the revolutionary technology in the field of chargers.

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