The new technology will be fining motorcyclists for loud sound

Новая технология будет штрафовать мотоциклистов за громкий звук

The authorities of Paris want to make transport quieter and will test a device that will record the excess of the sound limit.

In the area of Orly airport to the tests prepares a kind of “sound camera”, designed to fight with too loud a transport first and foremost, with roaring motorcycles. A device with four microphones developed by Bruitparif, and he had already tested, however, in other conditions – the popular Parisian bars and construction sites. On the roads it will appear for the first time. Device able every tenth of a second to record the background noise and to shape the image of what can be called the acoustic track, in the form of colorful hexagons. Each noise band corresponds to its color. Too loud the system will issue a fine.

The device will be tested for two years and will probably be able to get wide distribution after the appearance of the relevant legislation.

How do you think Ukraine needs such radars?