The new version of Google will turn off the false alarm

Новая версия Google будет глушить ложные уведомления

Google announced the imminent launch of the new system against harmful notifications, according to the ITC, citing neowin.

As notes the edition, the program will be presented on 14 July with the release of the Chrome browser 84. Thus, the future version of the browser will display sites sending Intrusive requests for notification and a notification in the “quieter” interface.

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As a result, users will just see a hint with a warning that the site may contain a deceptive notification.

We are talking about cases where sites are fraudulent or extortionate by require permission from users.

For example, to access the content on the site, users must first give permission to receive notifications. Or sites can withdraw the misleading preliminary requests, fake messages that resemble a chat message, warning, or system dialogs.

In Google Chrome there is the option of viewing web pages as they are seen by colorblind

Such notification and permission can be used in phishing scams aimed to trick users to share personal information.

Finally, sites may display a notice about the presence of malicious software and recommend you to clean the system using special tools, in fact, is the very malware that the user after such a notification to download and install to your computer.

The publication notes that this announced by Google, the tool will only affect new deceptive and annoying notifications. It will not protect users who had previously given permission to display notifications to the sites who abuse notifications. However, the search giant promises to add and such? protection in the future.

The owners of sites where there is abuse of the notification will receive an email 30 days prior to the introduction of this system in Chrome 84. This will give them time to rectify errors on their resources and bring them into compliance with the new requirements.

Google has also published a guide by which site owners can fix the operation of the notification and submit the site for reconsideration after the Troubleshooting.