The new Xbox will be released only in one version: details

Новая Xbox выйдет только в одной версии: детали

At E3 2018, the head of the gaming division of Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that the company is working on the new consoles. A year later, at E3 2019, Redmond presented only one device next-generation – Xbox Project Scarlett.

Journalists portal Thurrott decided to find out what happened with another device announced by Microsoft.

What consoles worked company? Informed insiders have stated that Microsoft is working on two next-generation consoles codenamed Lockhart and Anaconda. Apparently, the company decided to change its plans and focus all my energy on a single device – Xbox Project Scarlett. This information was confirmed in an interview with Business Insider, Phil Spencer.


Why did you decide to abandon the project? Journalists Thurrott talked to the sources and found that Microsoft has changed its decision in consequence of unforeseen complications. Because one console was supposed to be more powerful and the other weaker, the company was having problems optimizing games for different specifications.

And had to sacrifice graphic quality, especially with the older variation of the device. Therefore, we decided not to chase two rabbits, but to give a full-scale battle as the PlayStation.

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