The next circle of hell: Ukrainian drivers “pleased” the new fines

Очередной круг ада: украинских водителей "порадовали" новыми штрафами

Drivers in Ukraine began to be fined for gas installation in cars. For some cases, you may be liable to sanctions and what to do.

According to experts, the penalty for an unregistered gas installation on cars are legal only in case of drawing up an appropriate act of checking the technical condition of transport.

It is reported that the installation of LPG on the car is considered an alteration and must be agreed with the service center of the Ministry of interior. In addition, it should be included in the certificate of registration of the vehicle.

Thus, fines may be imposed, if the equipment is mounted with impaired or missing required documentation. If the driver is repeatedly caught in violation, he may face disqualification from driving from 3 to 6 months.

The report notes that while prescribing a penalty for the presence of gas installation on cars law enforcement officers must confirm the act of checking the technical condition of the car, it does not pass inspection “by eye”. Otherwise, the penalty in this case, you have no right to write.