The next update for Red Dead Online complicate the lives of the bullies

Следующее обновление для Red Dead Online усложнит жизнь хулиганам

Rockstar Games told about the upcoming update for Red Dead Online. The patch will make changes in the social system and adds new capabilities.

First of all, the developers will reduce the visibility of the labels of the characters. After the release of the update players will see the signs each other only in the range of 150 meters. Used for longer distances your label will only occur during firing. All this is done to ensure that aggressive players could not pursue their victims across the map.

Also, the Western system appears notoriety. Indicator the bad reputation grows when the player kills the users or their horses out of the antagonisms of random events and competitions. The higher the value, the greater the distance from which is visible the label of the aggressor. To get rid of a bad reputation, simply not to commit crimes for some time.

In addition, players, are assigned a great reward, begin to pursue the bounty hunters under AI control. The size of the reward depends on the severity of the crime – if you kill another user, you will assign the great reward, if force is used against ordinary residents or Pets, the amount will be less, and minor offenses only reduce the rate of honor.

In addition, Rockstar will implement in the action weekly test. For assignments you will need to collect grass, to sell stuff to a fence, to hunt and not only. For successful completion you will receive experience and gold nuggets.

In addition, developers will make changes in the balance of weapons, reduce the radius of voice chat and not only. A detailed list of changes will be published next week.

Update for Red Dead Online will be available on February 26.

Следующее обновление для Red Dead Online усложнит жизнь хулиганам