The next update Sea of Thieves will add PvP mode, arena, new story adventure and not only

Следующий апдейт Sea of Thieves добавит PvP-режим «Арена», новое сюжетное приключение и не только

Sea of Thieves was one. Holiday Studio Rare made trailer huge update for the pirate action, which will appear April 30.

Anniversary Update finally brings in a multiplayer adventure PvP mode, arena, the development of which was announced in November last year. The novelty will suggest to fight with other pirates and will be developed in parallel with the main game. After each battle you can skip a couple of mugs of grog with former rivals in a local tavern, which is owned by the comic book heroes in the Sea of Thieves.

Also, the game will welcome story Supplement Tall Tales – Shores of Gold. During this adventure you get to know old characters and meet new ones. In addition, you have to go to unexplored places, where you will learn new abilities. The authors promise a lot of iconic characters and regions.

As new opponents announced characters of ancient legends. But watch out for not only them – in the research of new locations can be caught in traps placed everywhere.

Along with the update in action will look fishing and cooking, as well as the Brotherhood of hunters, headed by returning from his travels Merrick. The brotherhood is ready to exchange your prey and food for gold and items and will help you become a legendary pirate.

In addition, Sea of Thieves will get improved damage model – a vehicle may be left without masts, capstan and wheel. The emergence in action of a harpoon will add mobility and allow you to steal treasures straight from someone else’s deck.