The North American range of tires Firestone has added a new vsesezonka WeatherGrip

Североамериканский ассортимент шин Firestone пополнился новой всесезонкой WeatherGrip

Bridgestone Americas announced the launch in the U.S. and Canada, its first all-weather thuringowa tires Firestone’s WeatherGrip. According to the manufacturer, the new product according to its performance characteristics superior to traditional vsesezonka, designed with an emphasis on the use in wet and snowy conditions and has on the sidewall of winter marked Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake.

New Firestone’s WeatherGrip is equipped with a package of proprietary technologies Firestone Hydro-Grip Package that includes a tread pattern with strong longitudinal grooves and open lateral grooves for improved water drainage. The rounded profile allows the tire to easily penetrate the water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Another new exclusive technology package Firestone TractionTech Package includes self-locking 3D sipes all over the tread, making Firestone’s WeatherGrip keeps its high grip performance on wet roads and snow during the warranty mileage 105 thousand kilometers.

“Today drivers are looking for in the market are durable and rugged tires that work effectively and provide confident control in any season of the year, – says the President of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations sales in the US and Canada Eric Seidel. – That’s why we developed the Firestone tire WeatherGrip that will provide the best grip in wet and winter conditions so that drivers could feel confident in any weather.”

In the North American market with new all-season tire Firestone’s WeatherGrip available in 33 sizes from 195/65R15 91H 235/55R19 101H.