The northerners given the heat in the Theatre named after Mayakovsky

Северяне дали жару в Театре имени Маяковского

Muscovites will remember the setting from Surgut “Tango del Norte”.

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“Unusually”, “Makes you think”, “What was that?” – reviews about the plastic performance of the Surgut theatre “Tango del Norte” you can hear a variety. One thing is clear: the staging of theater-goers from far Northern region, shown on the eve of the Mayakovsky Theater, is worth to write about it.

In the play, at the junction of genres – on body language and voice – tells the story of love and struggle. The main characters – He and She. Past, present and future are intertwined in a single moment, like in the novel of Gabriel Garcia Marquez “one Hundred years of solitude”.

In turn, we can recall Jorge Luis Borges saying “love the duel at the heart of tango will see each.” The Creator of the show, Director and artistic Director of the Surgut theatre Vladimir Matiychenko presents this duel, dressed in outfits from the complex metaphors that need to unravel the viewer.

Despite a lot of conflicting emotions, emerging from the audience, definitely one to note: everything shown looks amazingly bold. Bold so that it’s easy to forget you came to play a small Siberian theater. Involuntarily the question arises: why do the show in Moscow chose “Tango del Norte”? On the website of the Surgut theatre in the section “Repertoire” can be detected and more classical productions.

However, the theatre’s artistic Director is not looking for easy ways and does not believe that the theatre is to entertain the audience, because this is cinema, the Internet and television, explained in a press-service of the institution.

“The play is difficult. But the actors are very positive, organic look. Amazing live music and voices!” – told the spectator, who introduced Tatiana, and added that “we still have to reflect on what I saw.”

Indeed, near the theatre from Surgut fate is difficult, what can be read near the exhibit, which brought northerners. Near the entrance to the hall silently looks at the incoming heavy grey stone (blessed by Oleg Tabakov), who once was supposed to be the first brick in the Foundation of a new building of Surgut theater.

Saying it did not. Although, despite all the vicissitudes, in the chronicle Directors of the North theater you can find such names as: Harold Strelkov, Inga obadina, Oleg Glushkov, Peter Orlov, the Vice-Salkauskas, Kai Vosec and many others. And touring company are held not only in Russia but also abroad.

How surgutne was on the scene of theatre of a name of Mayakovsky? The organizers explain that the tour is part of our promotion of the theater in Moscow, which aims to motivate creative youth employment opportunities in one of the youngest theaters of Western Siberia.

“Our theater is constantly evolving, we are looking for new formats, touring and festivals, but in dire need of young and talented guys who haven’t decided how theatre connects his acting fate at the end of high school theater, – said Vladimir Matiychenko. The whole troupe of our theatre has overcome the distance in 2 thousand miles to start a dialogue with the creative youth of Moscow”.

Well, it looks like the conversation is established.

Author: Stanislav Makarska.

Северяне дали жару в Театре имени Маяковского

Северяне дали жару в Театре имени Маяковского

Северяне дали жару в Театре имени Маяковского