The nuclear industry is demanding the return of in Nedashkovsky Energoatom and stop the rapprochement with Russia

Атомщики требуют вернуть Недашковского в "Энергоатом" и прекратить сближение с РФ

Nuclear workers held a warning protest action under walls of the Ministry of energy and environmental protection, demanding the reinstatement of the President of the State enterprise NAEK “Energoatom” Yury Nedashkovsky. This is reported by “Ukrainian news”.

The protesters appealed to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with a request to immediately intervene in the situation with the dismissal of the head of “Energoatom” – the company, which is the operator of all Ukrainian nuclear power plants and provides 56% of all power production in Ukraine. Nuclear scientists believe that the systematic mockery of a strategic industry and its complete disregard by the new Secretary of energy and environmental protection Alexey Argelia.

The resolution of the meeting directed to the address of the President of Ukraine, specialists of the atomic scientists noted that yesterday’s decision to dismiss Yuriy Nedashkovskiy, which was initiated by Alexey Orzhel, will lead to a complete destabilization of the nuclear industry and stirred up the people in the satellite towns of nuclear power plants. Nuclear scientists believe that in the person of Yury Nedashkovsky nuclear energy Ukraine has an experienced and effective leader who is a true professional and went through all possible stages of a nuclear power plant from crawler accessories to the General Director of Khmelnitsky NPP.

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The protesters say that outright Pro-Russian statements of the new Minister put an end not only to the future development of the Ukrainian state, but also on the ongoing safe and reliable operation of Ukrainian NPPs. “Ukrainian electricity from nuclear power plants – the cheapest in the world – 56,7 cents per 1 kWh – this mocking for the tariff of “Energoatom” established by the previous government. The current government for the import of Russian-Belarusian electricity limits the production of nuclear electricity. Despite this Ukrainian NPPs operate safely, reliably, and consistently, to the extent possible, thus reducing the time of repair campaigns for the sake of the country in the autumn-winter period has got the cheapest electricity in the world.

“On November 25, the new Minister during his presentation of the changes in the field of energy and environment for the next few years, even didn’t say a word about the development of the strategic sector of Ukraine – about the development of nuclear energy, but continually harped on the advantages of import from Russia. Previously, Mr. Orgel completely unfounded called the work of “Energoatom” inefficient than personally insulted every nuclear scientist. This seems like a striking confirmation of anti-professionalism and anti-competence of the current Minister?!”, – it was noted in the participants of the protest action.

In the Cabinet told why he fired the President of “Energoatom”

Nuclear scientists are concerned that the new Minister turns Pro-European projects of development of nuclear energy, focusing on the interests of the Kremlin refuses to EBRD investments in improving the safety of nuclear power plant and intends to roll the project of construction of the Centralized storage of spent nuclear fuel at the expense of the US stock market.

The rally participants are convinced that the Russian lobby in Minamaneho soon put an end to the diversification of nuclear fuel supply for the return of the monopoly of Russian TVEL company.

Referring to the President of Ukraine, the participants of the meeting noted that at a low rate worldwide during the 2018 Energoatom has paid 11.5 billion hryvnias of taxes, realized investment projects worth 12.8 billion hryvnia, and ask the question, why is their company “Energoatom” is considered to be ineffective. “Absolutely groundless initiating the dismissal of Yuri Nedashkovsky, the Minister does this at a time when the President is on an official visit abroad, and the next day just runs away on a business trip, hiding from the issues of the nuclear industry”, – expressed outrage at the protesters.

Атомщики требуют вернуть Недашковского в "Энергоатом" и прекратить сближение с РФ

Атомщики требуют вернуть Недашковского в "Энергоатом" и прекратить сближение с РФ