The number of dead in the earthquake in Indonesia has exceeded 1.5 thousand people

Кількість загиблих внаслідок землетрусу в Індонезії перевищила 1,5 тисячі осіб

Suffered in General more than 2.5 thousand people

The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, the number of victims increased to 1558. About it reports “UKRINFORM”.

It is noted that 113 residents are considered as missing persons, 150 remain under the rubble. Suffered a total of more than 2.5 thousand entities.

As reported 5.UA Indonesia is suffering from the effects of the earthquake and tsunami. Now the victims of the disaster on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi were already 384 people. Many victims were simply demolished by the giant waves from the beach. The representative of the Agency for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters Indonesia, Sutopo Purvo Nugroho said: “yesterday When there was a threat (tsunami), people continued to go about their business on the beach and didn’t react immediately, the result of becoming victims.” “A terrible tragedy in Indonesia. The Ministry of foreign Affairs verifies the possible presence of Ukrainian citizens among victims in the earthquake and tsunami,” wrote foreign Ministry spokesman of Ukraine Marian Betz on Twitter.