The number of hidden unemployment in Ukraine is about 3 million people – study

Количество скрытых безработных в Украине составляет около 3 млн человек, - исследование

The number of hidden unemployed (those who were sent on unpaid leave or transferred to part-time employment) in Ukraine is 3.1 million people, or about 17% of the total workforce of the country.

This was announced at a press conference in Kiev, the economic expert of the Center for economic strategy Darya Mikhaylishin, presenting the results of a study of the labor market, UNIAN reports.

“When we talk about unemployment, it is important to speak and to highlight the hidden unemployment… It’s about 3 million people, or 17% of the labour force. It is quite a lot, even more than those people who have lost their job officially,” she said.

The expert also stressed that one of the problems of estimating labour market is the large difference between the estimate of unemployment by state bodies and research centers.

In particular, according to the study of the economic strategy Center, about 2.8 million people lost their jobs in connection with the quarantine, while the state agencies assess the “quarantine” unemployment up to 400 thousand people.

Also Myhaylishyn called second wave of the incidence of coronavirus, one of the main threats to the labour market.

“If the second wave of the incidence of coronavirus, unemployment may return to the beginning of the performance of quarantine,” she said.

As reported, according to Ukrainian economic expert Vladimir Koval, the number of unemployed by the end of autumn can reach 20% of the entire workforce. The national Bank of Ukraine predicted peak level of unemployment in the country in the second quarter – an increase of 11.5%. celebrities declared for the year 766 million of income