The nutritionist spoke about the dangers of low-fat diets

Диетолог рассказал о вреде обезжиренных диет

Fortunately, less and less people believe in the myth that during weight loss you need to eat only low-fat products: dry cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken without skin and no sour cream or cheese. But, unfortunately, this came only after people have suffered from low amounts of fat intake began to lose hair, break nails, the skin was gray, dry soup, women have started to have problems with the menstrual cycle. That was told by a nutritionist Aleksandr Gorevoy, reports

Fats, according to the doctor, necessary for our body. No wonder that nature created them. Some vitamins simply cannot be absorbed in the body without fat. For example, it is keratin (vitamin a), vitamin E. as a result, “low-fat diets” significantly slow down all metabolic processes. Remember, the cells of our body, or rather their shells covered with lipid – and it fats. A special role fats play in the basis of hormones. How will work organism if hormones will disable its function due to the fact that they do not what to be born?

Forget about the myths that fatty foods harm. Important measure and correct choice. Yes, TRANS fats are very harmful, but the natural animal and vegetable fatty acids essential to man in sufficient quantity, and it is not less than 0.7 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight.