The nutritionist was considered as useful alternatives to harmful products

Диетолог назвала полезные альтернативы вредным продуктам

Professional nutritionist Albina Komissarova was considered as useful alternatives to harmful products.

Our menu is firmly rooted tasty, familiar food, although they do not have any benefit. Moreover, quite often we do not even think that they can be easily replaced healthy alternative dishes. On top of that, they can still cook at home.

In this regard, a nutritionist and Albina Komissarova said on his page on Instagram about how to abandon sweet drinks and yogurts with fillers, implicitly in favor of useful analogues.

For example, fizzy drinks bottles, which are popular in the heat, can easily be replaced with delicious homemade lemonade and instead purchased ice cream to make home – made yoghurt with berries.

Sugary sodas and other sweet drinks

Large amounts of sugar we get it at their expense. However, water is not thirsty. Thus, it is possible to do at home the lemonade I years, mint or lemon. Add a spoonful of honey. It will not only tasty, but also useful!


A person has a valid sugar regulation and it amounts to 5-10% of the diet. However, how to achieve this number? It’s pretty simple – berries and fruit. You can use them in a dessert, especially if you are accustomed to eat with tea or coffee. In addition to this, you can use them as a sweetener. For example, in the cheesecake add the banana.

Yogurt with additives

Given the fact that the choice of yogurt today, the great, the temptation is of course huge. In this case, it is better to buy Greek yogurt and add home fruit, berries, even jams and marmalades. Still sugar will come less than in a sweet yogurt.


It often contains a lot of salt and sugar. 1 tablespoon ketchup – 1 teaspoon of sugar. So, make the sauce at home! Tomato paste, spices, and fresh herbs. Plus it tastes better!

As for granola, Breakfast cereal like “Nesquik” and so on, they contain enormous amounts of sugar and fat. So give preference to granola or bake the granola yourself.

Ice cream

It is particularly desirable when the heat begins. However, we all know how much sugar. But if its like every day? In this case, whipped frozen banana with yogurt and berries ice cream, not worse.