The NYT has published new details delay US military aid to Ukraine

NYT опубликовала новые детали задержки военной помощи США Украине

The ability to freeze military assistance to Ukraine was studied by the White house a month before the phone conversation with trump Zelensky.

The White house has studied the possibility to freeze military assistance to Ukraine on 27 June – a month before the telephone conversation between the President of the United States Donald trump and President Vladimir Selenskogo July 25, which became the Central element of the impeachment of the current President of the United States.

This is evidenced by email correspondence released by The New York Times.

“Trying to figure out if we learned about money for Ukraine and we can to detain them?” – wrote then acting White house chief of staff Mick Malvani.

His assistant Robert Blair answered that this is possible, but such actions will displease Congress. “It is expected that the Congress will get mad” – he wrote in the email to which you have access to the publication, adding that such actions can strengthen the conversation about Pro-Russian position of the President of trump, according to Voice of America.

The magazine has published a major study of what happened in the American administration during the 84 days of the date when President trump inquired about the possibility of detention of the help and assistance were released in September.

Along with the new details that shed light on the discussion around the delay of assistance inside the US administration, the publication also says: it was about the delay not only of Ukraine, but also other costs of the Pentagon.

The opposition among the officials decision on the detention of the aid was greater than previously thought, the newspaper notes.

The NYT reports that in August at the meeting with trump, the Minister of defense mark Esper, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and former national security adviser John Bolton was trying to convince the American President to unblock the aid, but they failed.

Administration officials also disagreed on the legal side of the issue. About the dubious delays of aid to Ukraine testified the ex-official of the service of the White house management and budget mark sandy as part of an investigation for the impeachment of the President. Sandy during a hearing in Congress said that he expressed concern to superiors that the blocking of aid under a lot of legal issues because it can break the US law on control delay. He also said that resigned from the post in the White house, partly out of concern about the need to respect the law.

The White house lawyers also believed that the powers of trump as commander in chief allow him to change the decision of the Congress, writes the NYT.

To make the decision legally, an official of the service budget of the White house Michael Duffy invited sandy to add comments to the document on granting of budgetary funds, showing that funds are temporarily detained. Sandy said that faced with such for the first time in 12 years in office.

Sandy was convinced that the administration has no authority to detain assistance longer than until September 2019. To increase the period of detention, Duffy went over from sandy the authority to issue such comments about the suspension, and as of the second week of August already issued similar comments almost daily, blocking the spending of the Pentagon, the newspaper notes.