The “observer” rivet fakes on his channel, and we show that they can do with their license – Shary

"Обозреватель" клепает фейки на своем телеканале, а мы покажем, что можем сделать с их лицензией, - Шарий

Blogger Anatoly Shary argues that the website and the TV channel “Explorer” create the fakes and do stuffing information.

Now Queen bee like this, which deals with these stuffing is “Browser”. The “observer”, led by Brodsky, who clearly felt under Yanukovych, “Browser”, led by Orest Sohar, which was the official Advisor Azarov. These people are now doing this kind of stuffing. They already got one lawsuit from me, immediately removed the content with stories about how I raped people, and I’m a wanted man in Europe and I can’t find. And now they’ve reached the point that the channel started to tell the same story about the fact that I’m a rapist, a mass rapist, and there are many victims of violence, but I can’t find, unfortunately, Interpol is powerless,” said Shary, the TV channel ZIK.

According to the blogger, such informpolitiki very revealing because you can see what the media can stoop.

“It is significant, I think it’s indicative of where they may fall, but we will show that we can do now with their license and so on. Because it is necessary as-that to resist. History began with the fact that we dared to say just about the number of businesses that belong to the same Brodsky, and in this way fight. If it is not introduced criminal penalties for defamation in Ukraine, it will continue. How would this man not related, say it’s supposedly an attack on freedom of speech. See, I was accused that I am the hand, the foot of the Kremlin on the website Telekritika. I sued and in court they swam and told me that the Kremlin is the building of the ancient ages, and the Russian world is very positive because it’s Dostoevsky, and other writers. They are in the court immediately fall apart, crawl. And if there is criminal liability, they instantly – well, they will think, anyway, what you write,” said Shary.

Earlier Shary said that Brodsky used not for the designated purpose funds of the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD). He also requested information relating to Michael Brodsky. On appeal from the Sharia responded the ex-Minister of justice Elena Lukash who told how Brodsky was often in the waiting room Azarov and taught the authorities how to ignore the Maidan.

"Обозреватель" клепает фейки на своем телеканале, а мы покажем, что можем сделать с их лицензией, - Шарий