The occupants called Zelensky to “repent” for the word of the Crimea

Оккупанты призвали Зеленского ''раскаяться'' за слова о Крыме

To the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has come up with a “sense of remorse” over the attitude of the people in the annexed Crimea.

This was stated by RIA Novosti, the so-called Deputy Prime Minister of the occupation government of Crimea, Georgy Muradov, commenting on the words Zelensky that the Russians will soon be ashamed of the annexation of the Peninsula.

“Should come to repentance. Remorse for the lies and calumnies of the Crimea and the Crimean people, for the endless blockade (water, energy, transport, food) aimed at creating a humanitarian disaster, the gap is extremely beneficial for Ukraine’s economic ties with Russia, without which it can survive, it can not, for the attempt to destroy in the minds of Ukrainians, our common historical memory and the immersion of the Ukrainian people in darkness Polenitsa intoxication”, – Muradov said.

According to him, Zelensky should “be ashamed for decades of humiliation of Russian-speaking and Crimean Tatar population of the Peninsula, whose language, educational and other rights to independent development flagrantly flouted, for the threat of Maydan-Bandera government in Kiev to start a war and ethnic cleansing in the Crimea, and that was the reason by the time the already independent Republic of Crimea to Russia with a request to return to the bosom of their historical homeland”.

Muradov added that the Crimeans are ready to show the way the Ukrainian people, “bewildered by false promises of their foreign enemies”.

“As for Russia and her multinational people, then it is in the emerging post-crisis world open up infinite new possibilities, and she can only be proud that he had saved the Crimea from destruction and its people from imminent victims,” he said.

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