The office of the Deputy Boyko in Kharkov upholstered paint

Приемную нардепа Бойко в Харькове обили краской

At about 3 a.m., unknown persons damaged the facade, doors and Windows of the room. This is the second attack on foster over the past 5 days.

The fact of the damage of the admission of the people’s Deputy Yuriy Boyko said the division of police in Kharkiv region.

“According to the statement of the head of a foster, unknown persons poured red paint on the facade, doors and Windows of the room. On the scene left the investigative team of the Kiev police Department. Information is entered in the magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages of citizens, the test continues”, – militiamen noted.

The message about the incident came to police on the morning of 30 June.

In a press-service “the Opposition platform For life”, said that the attack on foster occurred at about 3 am.

“Radical thugs, shouting obscenities, began to break open the door of the waiting room. After that… just threw paint on the facade of the reception area and disappeared in the unknown direction”, – stated in the message of the party.

Note that this is the second attack on foster since its opening on June 26.