The official dealerships of the BMW Group Russia partially resume in 25 cities

Официальные дилерские центры BMW Group Россия частично возобновляют работу в 25 городах

Eight dealers in the Moscow region and 30 dealer centers in the regions partially resume for urgent maintenance of BMW and MINI cars and BMW Motorrad motorcycles.

In the Moscow region partially reopened the dealership “Avilon Belaya Dacha”, “motorhome” (51-th km of MKAD), “Auto-vanguard” (Novorizhskoe highway), “Rolf Premium” (85-th km of MKAD), “Rolf Premium” (Khimki), “Avtoport” (Pyatnitskoye shosse), “BorisHof MKAD” (29-th km of MKAD) and “BorisHof Balashikha” (highway of Enthusiasts). Another 30 service centres have been opened in 25 cities of Russia. Full list of dealerships – at the end of the text.

Resumed operation service centers carry out urgent repairs with full observance sanitary-epidemiological norms and the possibility of contactless services. In addition, the official dealer centers continue to work and sell cars and motorbikes online. Customers can get advice by telephone, email and instant messengers, as well as to communicate with Experts from BMW and book a car.

“We believe it is essential in the current situation to carry out maintenance of cars! Personal mobility today is of special value. We are pleased that the administration of cities and regions were allowed to at least partially resume work at our dealerships. We use every opportunity to support our partners and customers. Encourage to adhere to the principles of social distancing and to open dealerships”, – commented General Director of BMW Group Russia Stefan Teuchert.

The list of dealers who partially resume work:

1. “Avilon Belaya Dacha” (Moscow region)

2. AVTODOM (Moscow oblast)

3. “Auto-vanguard” (Moscow region)

4. “Rolf Premium” (Veshki, Moscow region)

5. “Rolf Premium” (Khimki, Moscow region)

6. “Avtoport” (Moscow region)

7. “BorisHof” (MKAD, Moscow region)

8. “BorisHof” (Balashikha, Moscow region)

9. “M-SERVIS” (Chelyabinsk)

10. “Angara” (Irkutsk)

11. “Elitavto (Krasnoyarsk)

12. “Premium-DIN” (Tyumen)

13. “Bars” (Omsk)

14. “Autohaus” (Ekaterinburg)

15. “Dixie” (Barnaul)

16. “Premier Cars” (Vladivostok)

17. “Elitavto Siberia” (Novosibirsk)

18. “Sibkar” (Surgut)

19. “Kraft” (Ekaterinburg)

20. “Prime Auto” (Magnitogorsk)

21. “Grand Avto” (Tver)

22. “Aldis” (Togliatti)

23. “Tolsar” (Saratov)

24. “Aldis” (Samara)

25. “Bavaria-Auto” (Tula)

26. “Its-the Car” (Izhevsk)

27. “Russian Motors” (Kaliningrad)

28. “Prime Auto” (Smolensk)

29. “Aksel-Motors” (Saint Petersburg)

30. “Aksel-Motors The North” (St.-Petersburg)

31. “Eurosib Lahta” (Saint Petersburg)

32. “Evrosib” (St.-Petersburg)

33. AVTODOM, OOO (Saint Petersburg)

34. “Northern Bavaria” (Petrozavodsk)

35. “Cars” (Kursk)

36. “KLYUCHAVTO” (Stavropol)

37. “KLYUCHAVTO” (Mineral Water)

38. “Aurorae” (Belgorod)

For additional information, please contact:

Ilya Baryshev, BMW Group Russia