The official image of the updated sedan KIA Cadenza

Официальное изображение обновленного седана KIA Cadenza

The official image of the new products was published on the website of the South Korean automaker. The debut should take place in the next few weeks. The car is mainly for the market of South Korea.

First appeared in the United States in March 2016, KIA Cadenza model 2017 model year was a significant improvement over its predecessor. Roomier, prettier and more efficient than ever, the sedan made a “much stronger statement about yourself”, than the model it replaced. Now, the automaker decided it was time to release an updated version of the Cadenza, and it will happen primarily for the automotive market of South Korea.

We can meet you long-awaited continuation of the model according to the first teasers.

In their homeland, the current version of the stylish sedan nicknamed the K7 and was released at the end of January 2016. These first sketches and a video teaser suggesting that the car has completely changed, at least outwardly. The front grille is now much more pronounced and surrounded by sleek headlights that connect with the grid.

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The same story in the rear, where the modified taillights now are connected by a light strip that extends across the entire width of the tailgate. All the lighting devices, such as front and rear appears to be completely led, but this is only a guess.

Great changes will happen and your car’s interior. As far as we can see now for the infotainment system, a large display with vents located just below the screen. The Central console is also redesigned and equipped with new HVAC control panel. Changes in the area surrounding the gearshift mechanism, is also visible.