The old Volvo will get a new security system

Старые Volvo получат новые системы безопасности

The owners of the Volvo XC90, S90 and V90 Cross Country 2016-2018 model years will be able to upgrade their corporate security systems IntelliSafe

Software upgrade adds machines function prevent run-off-road (Run-off-Road Mitigation), monitoring blind spot with taxiing (BLIS with Steer Assist), preventing travel into the oncoming lane (an oncoming Lane Mitigation) and determine the probability of a frontal collision with auto brake (an oncoming Mitigation by Braking).

Software upgrades can be installed on the car at the official Volvo dealers in Russia. Interestingly, the process of updating the functionality of security systems to individual and depends on model year of the car. “Buying a car, the customer expects not only the design, but the filling won’t lose its relevance as long as possible. That is why we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve and upgrade those cars that were made previously,” – say representatives of the brand.