The oldest enterprises of Ukraine will turn into a tourist object

Старейшее предприятие Украины превратят в туристический объект

Authorities Drohobych Drohobych is going to turn engaged salt-making craft factory, which is considered the oldest existing company of Ukraine, tourist attraction

Reports “Glavpost” with reference to ZruchnoTravel.

Drohobych saltworks is not only the oldest industrial enterprises of Ukraine, but one of the oldest in Europe. Today the plant is in state ownership, and most of the buildings are in poor or dilapidated condition. However, the enterprise continues production of salt using the ancient method of natural evaporation of brine, which is mined from underground pits on an open fire.

Set ourselves the task to develop the project of restoration of the enterprise as an architectural monument. Planning to expand its infrastructure, to put in order the surrounding territory and thus to attract tourists who constantly visit the Lviv region, – noted in the Drohobych city Council.

Drohobych engaged salt-making craft factory – the oldest engaged salt-making craft factories in Ukraine and one of the oldest companies in Eastern Europe.

The first mention of salt from Drohobych dated 1390, when Vladislav Opolczyk gave the Archbishopric of Galicia tithe of salt from Drohobych. Spread indicate that the salt works (County) operates continuously since 1250. This date has no historical basis. However, Drohobych saltworks was first mentioned only in sources of the late fourteenth century.