The on auto-commit traffic violations: how to avoid a fine for speeding

Автофиксация нарушений ПДД: как избежать штрафа за превышение скорости

In Kiev and the region has earned the system auto-commit violations of traffic rules. The press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs said that in some cases, a person may be exempted from administrative liability.

So, the driver can avoid administrative liability in case of violations:

  • if within 20 days from the date of receipt of the decision, the person provided a document stating that the vehicle or license plates was out of his lawful possession as a result of illegal actions (theft);
  • if the person actually operated the vehicle within 20 days must pay a fine and apply to the authorized unit of the National police about the recognition of offences and provision of consent on bringing to administrative responsibility.

Car owners can learn about the fact of fixing of violations:

  • using TEXT messages or email, if you submitted an application to the Ministry of internal Affairs;
  • on the official websites of the Ministry of interior or national police;
  • from the postman who delivers judgment in the place of registration of the offender;
  • representatives of bodies of State border service of Ukraine, receives the resolution at the border crossing.