The oncologist decided the menu for the perfect functioning of the intestine

Онколог составила меню для безупречной работы кишечника

Oncologist Elena Smirnova called products, which will help to establish the bowels and improve the metabolism.

The doctor advised me to start the morning with a glass of water. However, in the water no need to add lemon because of its aggression to the mucosa and honey.

For Breakfast it is advised to eat proteins (suitable cottage cheese or boiled eggs) or slow carbohydrates (cereals) and have to include vegetables.

Lunch, she said, should be “the massive meal”: it must contain protein in the form of meat or fish and slow carbs. It is also worth adding low-fat soup and a salad of fresh vegetables.

Snacking, according to the doctor, have a fruit such as baked apples, fruit salad with yogurt or yogurt with dried fruit. Dinner, in her opinion, is no elaborate garnishes, but the basis of this meal should also lie protein and vegetables, such as chicken, cauliflower or vegetable stew. At night she offered to drink a glass of fresh kefir or yogurt.

The vegetables she was advised to be subjected to heat treatment. In addition, if possible, is to include in the diet with natural probiotics: sauerkraut, pickles, yogurt, kefir or fermented baked milk, Kombucha.

If the diet does not help with problems with the intestines, that Smirnov was advised to undergo an examination by a specialist.