The opening of the metro in Kiev: subway announced start time and the interval of movement of trains

Открытие метро в Киеве: в подземке сообщили время начала работы и интервал движения поездов

Today, may 25, capital metro resumes after two-month break.

In the Metropolitan told how much it will begin its work today, may 25.

About it on air of TV channel “Ukraine 24” told the Deputy Director KP “Kiev underground” Natalia Makogon.

“We plan to start moving on a normal schedule the majority of the stations will open about 5:45. As for intensity, we understand that will not come 1.5 million people, but will run in the most intensive mode, peak, 1.5 minutes will be a break between trains,” she said, adding that miekowo time intervals will be familiar to 2-3 minutes.

Makogon told what security measures will be applied in the subway.

“A mandatory requirement a mask, it’s the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, we ask you to execute it. We will be helping the police, our security. You understand that there are principled people who don’t believe in anything, if you see that a man takes off his mask in the car, make a remark to him,” asked Makogon.

The subway also called for passengers to use contactless payment methods. “Tokens will not be sold, but you can use them until June 30. The subway set a label for the distancing of the passengers posted the alert about the rules,” – said Natalia Makogon.

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