“The opposition platform For life” held the first national meeting of heads of election headquarters in the upcoming local elections

"Оппозиционная платформа - За жизнь" провела первое общенациональное совещание руководителей избирательных штабов на предстоящих местных выборах

“The opposition platform For life” decided to participate in the local elections of 2020 and he expects to win in most of the regions and cities of Ukraine. In the meeting, which was held in Kiev on 19 June, was attended by the co-chairs of the party Yuriy Boiko and Vadim Rabinovich, the Chairman of the Political Council and the Strategic Council of the party Viktor Medvedchuk, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the party Sergei Levochkin and more than 50 heads of local headquarters of the party from all regions of Ukraine. Led by the Central staff on local elections in 2020 will be Sergey Levochkin and Vadim Rabinovich.

“We see today the catastrophic crisis situation in the country and the regions, the failure of the authorities to solve the urgent problems of the country and society, we see a hard life and people’s discontent. The government is unable to cope with the challenges that stand today before the country there is no peace, rising rates, deteriorating social situation of the people – the country is sinking deeper into social and economic crisis.

To change this disastrous course, to return real power to local government – so we see our task. To return peace to Ukraine, to unite the country and provide people with a decent life – opsi ready. The party has a clear anti-crisis program, and most importantly people who are not afraid, know and are able to work and willing to take responsibility for the development of each region of Ukraine”, – it is told in the accepted statement of the party.