“The opposition platform For life”: the Power Zelensky uses methods Poroshenko for the prosecution of Medvedchuk and smartly

"Оппозиционная платформа - За жизнь": Власть Зеленского использует методы Порошенко для уголовного преследования Медведчука и Бойко

Julia Mendel, the press Secretary of the President of Ukraine, speaking about the Chairman of the political Council of the “Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk and the founder of the party Yuriy Boyko, said that they “traveled twice to the country-aggressor, and met there with representatives of the aggressor country and the largest public company, and there is absolutely no legal solutions on this issue”.

Calls to prosecute the leaders of the opposition party, which enjoys great support of the citizens, on the eve of elections indicate that the new government is no different from the criminal regime of Poroshenko and uses the same dirty tricks and pressure on law enforcement agencies to ensure the implementation of its political order, the statement said, “the Opposition platform – For life.”

It is obvious that the new government of President Zelensky renewed political repression after the successful talks held Viktor Medvedchuk and Yuri Boyko about reducing gas prices for Ukrainians, 25% believe in the political party.

“Power like in the times Poroshenko, and during Zelensky prefer the practice of direct negotiations, pressure and threats. She makes null and void the charges and churns out criminal cases. Representatives of our party, acting in full compliance with the Constitution of Ukraine and laws will continue to hold direct talks with the leadership of the Russian Federation on the restoration of economic relations and improving the welfare of Ukrainian citizens, as well as with the leadership of the ORDO and ORLO for the sake of peace and the liberation of detained persons,” reads the statement.

“Ukrainian authorities if they went for it, was able in March to conclude a contract for direct deliveries of Russian gas and reduce the price by 25% of the purchase, he said. This is, of course, would have entailed and the reduction of tariffs for housing and communal services. But the former power has not responded. And the new government didn’t come to that,” said Medvedchuk.