The opposition platform of Pro – life: Demand to immediately stop the second phase of the medical reform

Оппозиционная платформа - За жизнь: Требуем немедленно остановить второй этап медреформы

The statements of the political platform of Pro – life.

In Ukraine, the epidemic spreads most dangerous coronavirus infection, to repel which the authorities failed to prepare the country. Due to ongoing experiments with the medicine, started by Poroshenko and Suprun, failed system of sanitary-epidemiological control. Many citizens of Ukraine did not receive medical care. The country did not have masks, doctors have PPE in hospitals – medical supplies and equipment. Domestic medicine was driven into crisis by chronic underfunding. Meager salaries have forced thousands of doctors to leave Ukraine, and nurses has reduced.

Instead of rolling anti-national medical reform Poroshenko-Suprun, the current government continues its destructive policies. Today, it launched its second stage. The fact that only a few medical institutions, which provide secondary, tertiary, emergency and some other types of medical care, has signed a contract with the National health service, the government does not bother. And that as a result of thoughtless untrained continue the reform of medical institutions will be on a starvation diet and will be forced to close. Will not receive funding even medical Institutions which could daily produce tens of thousands of vitally needed to combat the epidemic PCR tests. Anti-national experiment is contrary to common sense and may lead to irreparable consequences.

The opposition platform for life calls for an urgent revision of the policy in the health sector. We demand to stop madrepora behalf of Poroshenko-Suprun and stop total translation of all healthcare institutions in contractual relations with NCSU.

To immediately address the issue of financing of medical institutions treating coronavirus disease and can produce PCR-tests. To restore medavinci for financing of medical institutions of the 2nd and 3rd level and double its volume. To increase funding for primary care, due to the increased load because of the epidemic COVID-19. Urgently strengthened with epidemiologists remaining after the reform of the SES laboratory centers, to restore the State sanitary-epidemiological service.

Funding for health should be increased in the budget at least to 5% of GDP.

Health is not just the industry, it is the lives and health of our citizens!