The organizers of the Geneva motor show, spoke about his future

Организаторы Женевского автосалона рассказали о его будущем

The prestigious exhibition will not take place next year, and to 2022-mu can be sold.

Like a number of other showrooms, the event in Geneva, which was held in March this year, was cancelled because of the pandemic COVID-19. Cancel this was associated with significant financial losses, as the decision not to hold the exhibition organizers took just a few days before the opening.

Foundation Salon International de l’automobile, which all these years was responsible for the Geneva motor show, issued an official statement, from which it follows that by March 2021, the situation does not improve. The organizers considered that at this stage it is impossible to say with confidence that by the beginning of next year, the pandemic will come to naught and decided to refrain from conducting activities that may gather in one place up to 600 thousand people and 10 thousand journalists.

In addition, the Fund said that he had to communicate with many potential exhibitors. And most of them report a lack of desire to participate in the exhibition and in 2021, the year: the automotive industry need a pause to recover from the effects of the pandemic. Online presentation that producers are now massively used to successfully replace public openings and cost much cheaper.

Finally, the Salon International de l’automobile and he is now in a difficult financial situation. In March this year, the Fund appealed to the authorities of the Canton of Geneva for financial assistance, and in early June it was approved for a loan in the amount of 16.8 million francs. However, the conditions of his return by the organizers of the motor show was considered unacceptable, respectively, from the Fund prefers to give.

As a result, in Salon International de l’automobile decided to put the assets of the dealership for sale. The preferred buyer of the rights to host major public events Switzerland the company is now called Palexpo SA is the owner of the exhibition center, where in recent years, have passed the car dealership. If the deal goes through, the future of the exhibition will be a little more transparent.