The organizers of the Oscar-2020 changed the rules and renamed the category

Организаторы премии Оскар-2020 изменили правила и переименовали категории

Just a few weeks ago the tabloids ceased to flash headlines about the Oscar-2019, as the American Academy, said that to prepare for the next 92 minutes, the ceremony. The organizers of the Oscar-2020 has announced the date of the award and updated rules, reports 24 channel.

The award ceremony Oscar-2019 surprised of the nominees and fans of the award by the absence of key, as in all previous years winners were declared approved leaders. As reported on the official website of the American film Academy Oscar-2020 will also surprise fans and nominees of the prestigious awards.

The organizers of the ceremony announced some updates to the names of categories. So, nomination “Best film in a foreign language” (Foreign Language Film) will be called the “international art film” (International Feature Film). The American Academy justified the decision by saying that the word “foreign” is obsolete, it was therefore decided to replace it.

Also, the source noted that in the category of “Makeup and hair” will increase the number of films from three to five, and the shortlist – from seven to ten. And films that will qualify for statues in the categories “Best animated short film and Best short fiction film” can be shown only in Los Angeles, where the Oscar, or in new York.

Also to fight for the title of “Best animated film” films do not necessarily have to be shown on the big screens in the course of the year.