The original recipe bacon honey TM “Cossack honey”

Самый оригинальный рецепт медовой грудинки от ТМ «Казацкий мед»

Edition of the RIA-Melitopol continues Sunday heading “yum!” Today’s exclusive recipe shared with us known to many melitopoltsy and not only the Trade mark “Cossack honey”. Just be warned that this dish is for those who are not fasting. Well, people of faith will be able to enjoy it at Easter-tide. The recipe has, you guessed it, honey.

On Sunday cook the brisket in honey mustard sauce.

The brisket, cooked for this recipe, it is exceptionally juicy, tender and with a subtle hint of sweet. To get soft, use foil or sleeve, but remember: for the formation of a crispy Golden brown they should be cut for 10 minutes before turning off the oven.

Ingredients: 700 g of bacon, 1 tbsp of honey and hot mustard 100 ml vegetable oil, 3 large cloves of garlic, curry, black pepper, salt to taste.

Cooking brisket on all sides and season with salt and pepper and set aside. In the honey add the mustard, vegetable oil, chopped garlic, spices and stir.

The bacon to smear the honey mustard mixture. Two sheets of foil spread out on the table crosswise. In the center put the brisket, sprinkle it with oil, tightly wrapped and folded into shape. Pour her a glass of water and send in a preheated 180 degree oven. Bake for an hour and a half. If in the process of roasting the water is evaporated, add more.

Serve the meat on the table in one piece.

Bon appetit!