The OSCE had banned anti-personnel mines in the occupied Donbas

ОБСЕ опять нашла запрещенные противопехотные мины на оккупированном Донбассе

The drone of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE on may 22 found laid by the Russian occupying forces banned anti-personnel mines on the field between Petrovsky and Stilou in the occupied Donetsk region.

Attention is paid to the Permanent representative of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna Eugene Tsymbalyuk during the online session of the OSCE Permanent Council on Thursday, may 28, reports the correspondent of UKRINFORM.

“The mine continues to be problematic, as Russian puppets continue to lay new mines, including anti-personnel mines is prohibited. May 22 SMM’s UAV observed two additional anti-personnel mine (mon-100 and mon-200), one of them for the first time on the field between the occupied Russian Petrovsky and Cold,” said he.

As reported, the SMM, the OSCE has repeatedly reported in their reports about the discovery in the Russian-occupied Donbas is prohibited by the Geneva conventions anti-personnel mines.

In addition, the use of Russian armed forces in the Donbas banned anti-personnel mines repeatedly informed of the mission of the participating countries of OSCE and the Ukrainian delegation. It was noted this weapon of war, indiscriminate killing and maiming of mostly innocent and defenceless civilians, especially children.

“Ukraine is not Russia nor testing ground for Russia’s new weapons, no place to recycle old”, – said Ukrainian diplomats.

Recall: Ukraine does not produce, store or use anti-personnel mines. According to the obligations under the Ottawa Convention, our government has destroyed over 3 million landmines left over from Soviet times.