The OSCE has rejected the anti-Ukrainian resolution proposed by Russia

В ОБСЕ отклонили антиукраинскую резолюцию, предложенную Россией

The Committee on democracy, human rights and humanitarian questions of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly rejected the Russian resolution, which proposed to condemn neo-Nazism and to encourage States to combat the glorification of the Nazi movement.

The author of the resolution “On combating xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and related intolerance” was made by a member of the Russian delegation, the Deputy of state Duma Artem Tours.

A resolution was offered to draw attention to the need for consistent and resolute struggle against racism, aggressive nationalism, extremism, neo-Nazism and related intolerance and a firm rejection of any attempts to justify, especially at the highest political level.

The document proposed to condemn the preservation and dissemination of neo-Nazi and nationalist ideologies based on racial or national prejudice, and to encourage participating States of the OSCE to actively oppose acts of glorification in any form of the Nazi movement, including former members of “Waffen SS”.

The document was met with severe criticism, primarily of the delegations of Ukraine and Lithuania. In summing up voted against 25 people, 11 in favour, 13 abstained.