“The owner of Moldova” fled the country, his entourage went to Turkey, Russia, the UK and Odessa…

«Хозяин Молдовы» сбежал из страны, его окружение отправилось в Турцию, Россию, Великобританию и... Одессу

June 14 and 15 from Chisinau in different directions flew several private aircraft on Board, which, according to local media, were until recently all powerful in Moldova, a friend of Poroshenko Vladimir plahotniuc and the members of his entourage.

Several aircraft flew to Istanbul, the other went to Kiev, Moscow, London, and the Gulfstream G200 plane even landed in Odessa. However, the sources of TIMER refute the rumors that the powerful Moldovan oligarch headed to the southern Palmira: according to them, plahotniuc was on Board of one aircraft, flown to Turkey. It is reported that Moldova has left many high-ranking members of the Democratic party of Moldova, which is considered to be related to Plahotniuc.

Escape the all-powerful oligarch and his entourage called the end of civil conflict in the Republic of Moldova: recall, 9 June constitutional court of Moldova suspended from office by the President of the Republic Igor Dodon and appointed the acting is close to Plahotniuc, ex-Prime Minister Pavel Filip. He immediately announced the dissolution of Parliament, as the supposedly two months was unable to form a coalition. Interestingly, the formation of the coalition occurred just a day before. In the Parliament formed an Alliance fundamental enemies: the Party of socialists of Moldova (psrm), having the reputation of a Pro and the unit ACUM who hold center-right and Euro-Atlantic orientation. The allies did not hide that their goal is to combat the dominance of Plahotniuc at the Moldovan politics. The decree on dissolution of Parliament he was not obeyed, calling it a coup attempt.

For a short time reigned in the country the diarchy, however, neither Moscow nor the European Union did not support Plahotniuc in his attempts to retain power in the country. Now, after his escape, the case of the Moldovan oligarch, by the way, a great friend of ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, apparently, lost.