The owner of the Audi A7 drowned my car in a big puddle

Audi A7 unusual swim through a flooded rain water to travel under the bridge captured on video in the Hungarian city of Kecskemet. At first glance, the pool seems shallow and completely avoidable, especially if you’re on a four-wheel drive Audi with the Quattro system. But the problem is that the drainage system on this stretch of road is unable to cope with large amounts of water.

Plus, in the beginning there is a short descent that will not allow to critically assess the depth of “Ford”. All this combined with the reckless behavior of the owner has led to corresponding consequences. In all likelihood, the driver of the Audi A7 did not consider all the factors and at high speed tried to pass on the transition. As a result the car plunged into the water, and the waves threw the TC on one of the walls.

As reported by a local news station at the time travel on this stretch was closed for several days due to rain because the owner of the Audi it has had time to get stuck several cars. So, the driver of the BMW had to rescue firefighters, while the “old Suzuki” was able to cope with the water element alone. In addition, according to the journalists, the water then was not so much as at the time of the race the Audi A7.

Some “supporters” have suggested that the owner just wanted to check the reliability of German engineering, what is now probably regrets. Ultimately the newest engine could not withstand such a blow. And AWD will not save you in a situation when recklessness takes over common sense.