The owner of the network “Citrus” declared hostile takeover of the company

Совладелец сети "Цитрус" заявил о рейдерском захвате компании

CEO of the company “Citrus” Dmitry Zinchenko declares raider capture of a network former her partner Gregory Topal.

This is stated in the video family Zinchenko-the Besicovitch in Facebook.

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“Today, I, Dimitri Zinchenko (SEO Company “Citrus”) and my spouse, the Besicovitch Elena are forced to address a public statement concerning the raider capture of a network “Citrus” is now my ex-partner Gregory Topal,” – said in a statement.

“My former partner with whom we have 20 years built the business, made an attempt to fraudulently take possession of my family-owned corporate rights, and to fabricate an absurd criminal case against me,” continued Zinchenko.

According to him, at the moment, despite the fact that he is officially the owner of 50% of the company, he “turn off personal phones and emails illegally dismissed from the post of CEO of the company, and to employees in the form of an order forbidden to communicate with him”.

The entrance to the office of the co-owner of the company blocked by the new security that has been recorded by the journalists.

“These actions were the last straw in a series of dirty intrigues in the attitude of my family from the Gregory Topal, who resorts to methods that are not only beyond the legal field, but also far beyond the moral and ethical standards”, – said Zinchenko.

In addition, the fact of these actions, the lawyers of the businessman preparing an appeal to law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement officers