The owners of the Delfi ready to completely abandon it after the new fiasco with the elimination

Хозяева Delfi готовы совсем отказаться от него после нового фиаско с ликвидацией

The head of Ukrainian government Denis Shmyhal instructed the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley to take under personal control the issue of eliminating trapped on the beaches of Odessa tanker Delfi.

“I want to instruct the Minister of infrastructure. Vladislav Arturovich, there is at Odessa, the story of the sunken ship… She tightened. There continue some whether manipulation or inconsistency with the solution of this problem by the owner and local authorities. I ask you to take under personal control” – said the Prime Minister, reports UNN.

And Crickley reminded the Prime Minister about a failed attempt to raise the ill-fated ship on the keel, when there is a problem with special cables.

“Accordingly, ‘ve done the calculations – not all are accounted for. Before the end of this week they have a second attempt, after which the shipowner said that they will abandon the ship… It will be the responsibility of the Administration of sea ports”, – reported the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

In this regard, Smigel instructed to work out the situation with this administration and the Odessa regional state administration for an early dissolution with the beach of the vessel from which November of last year, continues to leak petroleum products.

We also recall that the last attempt to conduct a special operation to raise Delfi scheduled for July 23, and the Governor of Odessa region Maxim Kuts has already asked the Central government to transfer the rights to carry out works namely the port authority (now the cleaning of the tanker continues to the representative of the shipowner).

As you know, 22 Nov 2019, storm waves tore the anchor a 60-metre vessel Delfi under the flag of Moldova, located in the Yuzhny port. The tanker ran aground at Dolphin beach in Odessa, the crew, consisting of three citizens of Ukraine (22-year-old resident of Ishmael, the 39-summer resident of Kherson and 55-the summer inhabitant of Odessa), refused to evacuate. However, the two sailors due to severe hypothermia needed hospitalization.

According to the TIMER, the tanker was able to smuggle oil, the shipowner was Kharkov firm “Factor groups limited”, issued on Javadov Shamsaddin Ali Oglu. It recorded 7 organizations working in very different spheres, and therefore it is likely that the real owner of the tanker are other persons.

In early April of this year, the owner assured the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova that will raise Delfi at his own expense. It happened shortly after Venediktov announced that took the situation with the vessel under his personal control. On the morning of 18 July, the shipowner has finally started the operation to raise the wrecked oil tanker: tugs two private companies tried vicinity the hull and put it on an even keel, but because of the miscalculations of the contractor’s nor to no avail. One of the ropes, which was trying to turn a tanker lying, broke, unable to withstand the load, and the rope, which was brought to replace a broken, accidentally drowned in the sea.

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