The owners of the Ukrainian space: who is at the helm of strategic industry

Хозяева украинского космоса: кто у руля стратегической отрасли

In Ukraine there is a phenomenal management tradition. Every official takes an industry in deep crisis, and after a few months it demonstrates broad-based growth.

The point here is, of course, in frames. Some are really talented crisis Manager, but most of the rank and file “witnesses pokraschennya”, completely divorced from reality. About the way things are today in the space industry, which, according to its leader Paul Glebovich Degtyarenko, suddenly, today or tomorrow will come billions of dollars in investment, the latest technology and perhaps regional representation SpaceX in Eastern Europe.

Such bright prospects was voiced by the head of the national space Agency Pavel Degtyarenko in his last interview on the parliamentary channel Rada. According to him, the past two years, the industry is growing steadily. In 2018, the production volume exceeded 4 billion UAH, the volume of sales reached 4.5 billion, annual growth – 13 and 27%, respectively.

Missile and space activities around the world is a very rapidly growing market. The market is growing approximately 10-12% worldwide. We are in this trend, our 13% even a little ahead of pace – and boasted Degtyarenko.

But the main thing is ahead , the Agency has developed a new five-year space program. Starting in 2021, Ukraine plans to annually run by satellite remote sensing. The program, the Agency plans to 27 billion UAH, of which only 4 billion from the state budget, the rest – investments and money of international space projects. Despite the fact that a similar program 2013-2017 years in the state there were only 25 million UAH.

How suddenly will take the budget and investment billions, Degtyarenko explained. The new program is designed for the years 2018-2022. Already in 2019, and the project will appear in a sessional hall of Parliament in February-March. Under consideration of the government the document at the end of 2018. So busy were officials of Roscosmos that the main industry document was late for a whole year? Probably scored future prospects and thought, with whom and how to allocate billions that will fall from the sky.

Protracted Degtyarenko turned another strategic document – the draft law on private rocket science. Recall now the right to build and operate launch vehicles in Ukraine are exclusively state-owned companies. This is the main stop on the way to the stars – along with corruption and underfunding. Because of the state monopoly in Ukraine, there can not be competition, new technologies, its Elon musk. This is despite the fact that interest in space technology in our country is growing, every year there are more startups that can’t develop and immediately focus on “moving”. In March last year, Degtyarenko said that personally interested in the creation of the competition state and the private owners and Roscosmos develops the corresponding bill. To submit it was in November of last year.

Хозяева украинского космоса: кто у руля стратегической отрасли

The satellite “Lybid”, currently on display in Russia

However, yesterday it became clear that promises for Degtyarenko no question of principle. In the summer of 2017, he, along with other candidates participated in the contest for the post of head of Roscosmos. The program Degtyarenko has set itself three tasks: to launch satellites “Sich 1M” and “Lybid”, to understand the “Brazilian issue” of the project “Cyclone-4” and withdraw from the financial crisis Yuzhmash. By staying on the candidacy Degtyarenko, the government gave a signal: agree with the priorities. However, until today no one has asked Degtyarenko, why none of them he has not advanced a single step. In court with the contractor, the canadian company MDA, no progress, and the satellite “Lybid” is the eighth year of gathering dust in custody in Russia. The last mention of the controversial “Cyclone-4” dated August of last year: then, the Cabinet outfitted Degtyarenko, together with the delegation in search of partners and investors. After 10 days, the head of Roscosmos had to report on the work done, but nothing new about the project not be heard until now.

With the last paragraph “pre-election” programs – crisis “Pivdenmash” – the story is much more interesting. Machine-building plant “South” works in close cooperation with the design Bureau “southern”. The Bureau develops, the plant produces according to their drawings. The Bureau is considered the most profitable enterprise in the structure of Roskosmosa, “Yuzhmash” is working with losses. Degtyarenko recognized that the Agency is unable to load the enterprise orders and give him the opportunity to earn. However, when at the end of last year, the Ministry of economic development proposed to take this work themselves and subordinate plant, head of Roscosmos spoke strongly against.

The fact that Yuzhmash for several years part of the range of interests of KB “southern” and does not allow his head to sleep. The Bureau is headed by a colleague, a mentor and almost a namesake Degtyarenko – Alexander Degtyarev. He has for several years stimulated the crisis to “Pivdenmash” to “merge” the plant and offices, thereby obtaining sole control over two industry-forming enterprise. The head of Roscosmos Pavel Degtyarenko his patron does not preclude and pretends that nothing extraordinary is happening. So instead of reviving the plant “Pivdenmash” systematically preparing to raider attack.

Хозяева украинского космоса: кто у руля стратегической отрасли

Pavel Degtyarenko and Alexander Degtyarev, a longtime colleagues and associates

Partnership Pavel Degtyarenko and Alexander Degtyarev is possible to devote a separate article. Life the current head of Roscosmos worked in KB “South” under the leadership Degtyarev. The Bureau Degtyarenko participated in the implementation of not only space, but also “mundane” projects. For example, design, development and testing of the trolleybus brand “UMZ”, as well as the launch of low-floor trolleybuses for Euro 2012. Worked Degtyarenko selfless, as evidenced by the money for good education of his children: son Theodore received a master’s degree at Humboldt state University and still lives in Berlin.

By the way, Pavel Degtyarenko studied at the Leningrad Voenmech and graduated 10 years later than his future employer, Alexander Degtyarev. The latter, being the head of the Ukrainian strategic enterprises are still included in the composition of the Board of Trustees of the University, which trains specialists for the military-industrial complex of the aggressor. But back to the efforts of Russian in KB that have not been in vain: his boss Degtyarev made every effort to promote his subordinate in the service. The appointment of the head of the Russian Roskosmos would not have taken place without the support of the lobby Degtyarev. After reaching career peaks, Degtyarenko of such assistance are not forgotten, and the acting head of CB “South” has received full immunity from the claims of the state space Agency of Ukraine. The current head of Roscosmos now not notice problems in the Bureau. His first decision in his new position, was the closure of the investigation of financial abuses by Degtyarev and harmonization of he space salary 246 thousand UAH. in a month, which is more than 20 times the average salary for KB.

Хозяева украинского космоса: кто у руля стратегической отрасли

The leaders of the Ukrainian space Degtyarenko and Degtyarev

It is difficult to recall at least one scandal of corruption in the space industry, of which there were a great many, which has not been the head of KB “southern” Alexander Degtyarev. First, having spent a lifetime in government, he became an official millionaire. In 2013 he imputed the failure of the development of missile complex “Sapsan”: for 5 years, CB “South” has used more than UAH 200 million without giving neither a prototype, nor even documentation. His contribution Degtyarev made the controversial “Cyclone-4”. To participate in this project, the Bureau took the Russian Sberbank loan of $260 million under the state guarantees. The money accumulated in the accounts of the Bank Degtyarev “Novi”, and then brought out through the firm associated with his family. The Bank was liquidated, and Ukraine is still trying to settle with the aggressor on his loan. The chronology of events and a chain of figureheads on the shelves spread investigators

Individual attention, public procurement conducted by the CB “South” for the taxpayers ‘ money. In 2018, for the development of the space industry and rocket production, the Bureau purchased expensive SUVs Ford Ranger XLT (900 thousand UAH) and two Toyota Highlander for 1.7 million UAH each. In addition, according to officials of the Bureau, to develop a space in Ukraine is impossible without Souvenirs (420 thousand UAH), calendars (300 thousand UAH), flowers (400 ths) and other exotic for the space industry acquisitions. And if all these purchases if you want more, somehow be linked to the costs of organizational activity of the enterprise, the participation of the KB in the auction for the purchase of collateral the Bank “Novyi” do not even understand Russian. Without the consent of Goskomatom Degtyarev decided to buy for the taxpayers ‘ money 5277,7 sqm of buildings and structures of the Bank the Dnieper, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue, 151 and 2338 tubes (!). For participation in the auction, the Bureau made payment of 1 million UAH. In the end, Yuzhnoye won the auction, offering a lot of the 15.4 million UAH. But there is Pavel Degtyarenko did not want to risk his position and such a deal is not agreed. In the end, the situation is painfully reminded of the episode of the novel “the Twelve chairs”: a decision on the sale of the property void due to the failure of KB from completion of the transaction and the guarantee Deposit is combusted.

Хозяева украинского космоса: кто у руля стратегической отрасли

Alexander Degtyarev, head of KB “southern”

Independent Director of Roskosmos, which would disturb the development of the industry or his own reputation, do not hesitate to send “red Director” Degtyarev, Yuzhnoye SDO retirement. But Pavel Degtyarenko for and helped to occupy the coveted chair, he didn’t touch constructed over the years scheme. By and large, the head of Roscosmos is a party. The Director Yuzhnoye SDO Alexander Degtyarev has repeatedly tried to dismiss early, but his defense stood odious regionals like Vilkul and, the judges were able to agree. In 2016 he was suspended for 3 months and perhaps it was then decided to bring his own man in GKAU, get the “green light” and keep the position for years to come. Degtyarev himself no longer young, he is 68 years old, but KB is running and actively promoted at the top of his son Maksim Degtyarev, now chief designer-head of design office for system design rockets and missiles. Apparently, the idea of a monarchical transfer of power to close Degtyarev senior. Such a scenario would ensure the interests of his family for many years to come. It is a pity that in this respect there is no place for the development of rocket-space industry of Ukraine.