The PACE of the return of Russia: which countries voted “for”

Решение ПАСЕ о возвращении России: какие страны проголосовали "за"

The resolution on changing the sanctions regime and return Russia to work at PACE without any restrictions of voting rights voted by 118 MPs, 62 voted against and 10 abstained.

As evidenced by the voting results, is published on the website of the Assembly resolution at full strength was supported by delegations from Azerbaijan, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Austria, Slovakia, Portugal, Serbia and Turkey.

Partially the decision to return the Russian delegation was supported by Switzerland, Germany, Moldova, Czech Republic, Armenia and the Netherlands.

Ukraine and Georgia voted against it in full force, also against the decision voted by the majority of delegates from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, great Britain and Sweden.

“You know who impressed me most today? Dutch MPs. An international investigation team released the results of the tragedy of MH 17. Established the involvement of the Russians in the murder of 280 people. Today the Dutch deputies voted for Russia’s return to PACE. I’m sure that they never met with the families of the victims, was not at the funeral of the remains”, – she wrote in Facebook.


  • The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution on the change of the sanctions mechanism, which has invited Russia to return to work at PACE, without limitation the right to vote.
  • In spite of the night vote, which is unprecedented for the Assembly, the turnout of deputies was even higher than usual. The resolution was voted 118 deputies, 62 against and 10 abstained.
  • The decision taken in Strasbourg, fundamentally changes the sanctions mechanism.

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