The Parliament introduced the law on debt repayment of enterprises of power system

В Раду внесли закон о погашении задолженности предприятий теплоэнергетики

The draft proposes the cancellation penalties to companies heat, water and sanitation

The Verkhovna Rada registered the bill No. 3508 “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on ensuring the settlement of debts for the consumed energy carriers heat supply and heat generating companies, enterprises of centralized water supply and sanitation”. The law will contribute to the continuous provision of quality utility services.

Stated that the Ministry of regional development supports this bill because it aims to reduce financial pressure on the thermal power plant and water supply and Sewerage services, improvement of their financial and economic state and will contribute to the continuous provision of quality utility services.

“We realistically assess the current financial and economic standing of enterprises heat supply and sanitation and their financial ability to repay the debt for the consumed energy. It is imperative to seek the withdrawal of companies from billions of dollars of debt. The changes provided by the bill… will help us to solve many problems and reduce the amount of accounts payable of the enterprises of the industry”, – said the Deputy head of Ministry of regional development Natalia Hotsyanovskaya.

The bill provides for the postponement of the debt settlement with 01.07.2016 on 01.05.2020 and giving the possibility of restructuring and writing off of penalties to companies heat, water and sanitation, educated (accrued) as of 01.05.2020 g. for a period of 5 years in equal installments (restructured as 01.05.2020 G. the debt re-restructuring).

It is also proposed establishing a moratorium on the accrual and recovery of electropositivity and suppliers of natural gas penalty (fines, penalties), inflationary charges, annual interest on arrears for the energy consumed by the enterprises of heat, water and sanitation to provide services to the population, formed after 01.05.2020 year.

In addition, it provides clarification of the procedure of restructuring of debts of economic entities located on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions for the duration of OOS; the establishment of legislative grounds for implementation of compensation of difference in tariffs formed after 01.01.2016 for co-financing at the expense of the state budget and local budgets.