The Parliament of great Britain for the third time will vote for Brexit

Парламент Великобритании третий раз будет голосовать за Brexit

MPs will be asked again to vote for the agreement Brexit on Friday, but only in relation to what part of the agreement with the EU. Reported by the BBC.

“They will vote for the agreement about the withdrawal of Britain from the EU under the action of the Irish “backstop”, the bill on the financial calculation of Britain with the EU, as well as for the rights of citizens”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that this will not mean the third “meaningful vote” on the agreement as there will be no vote regarding the future of Britain’s relationship with the EU.

British MP Andrea Leeds stated that the vote is crucial if Britain wants to put off Brexit until may 22. The deputies will discuss the proposal on a day when the UK were to leave the European Union – March 29.

Political editor of Bi-bi-si Laura Kuenssberg said that Teresa??May, in fact, asked members of Parliament to divide the voting into two parts – the first to vote for the first part of the agreement, which settled the British withdrawal, and the other part of the agreement to leave for the next few weeks.

But still there is no certainty that this will happen – and the labour party, and the Democratic unionist party say that they will vote against the deal about that on Friday, the newspaper notes.

Last week the European Council agreed to the transfer of Brexit from the expected date of March 29, proposing the extension until may 22 Brexit, if MPs approve the agreement before the end of this week.

Otherwise, the Council of Europe offers a shorter reprieve until April 12 – the date to which the UK will have to specify whether it is to participate in elections to the European Parliament in 2019.

The agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa may with the EU includes an agreement on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, which indicates how much money the UK has to pay to the EU as a settlement, the details of the transitional period and agreement on a political Declaration about how will work future relations of the EU and the UK.

Financial calculation Brexit (the”bill of divorce”) is the amount of money owed to the European Union from the UK if it exits the EU to resolve the UK share of the funding of all commitments made at the time when she was a member of the EU.

With regard to the transition period Brexit, the key is Irish “backstop” – mode support stay North of Ireland in the Customs Union of the EU and the European single market after the onset of the transition period Brexit. This protective mechanism prevents a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit. “Backstop” will operate as long as London and Brussels will find a solution that provides transparency of the border on the island. Britain and the EU agreed to reach consensus on this issue before July 1, 2020, but the period may be extended. While the decision about the transparent border is not found, the customs regulations and the EU common market in fact continues throughout the United Kingdom.

Парламент Великобритании третий раз будет голосовать за Brexit