The party of the mayors on the basis of “Vidrodzhennya” will have electoral success in the elections.

Партия мэров на базе "Видродження" будет иметь электоральный успех на выборах, - политолог

Representation of regional elites in the Verkhovna Rada taking into account the decentralization process must inevitably be reinforced. This opinion was expressed by political scientist, head of the center “Third sector” Andrei Zolotarev, commenting on the statement of Gennady Kernes on the establishment of the political forces with the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov for joint participation in the parliamentary elections, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

In particular, on your Facebook Zolotarev wrote that the regional elite has not received sufficient representatives in Parliament at the parliamentary elections in 2012 and 2014.

“In 2012 the Parliament passed the environment of the party leaders, their personal team. In 2014 it took place activists, dobrobatovets, “grant”, and the representation of regional elites suffered, there was a noticeable bias in favor of Kiev. Now, when the reform of decentralization, the role and ambitions of the regional elites will inevitably grow,” – said Zolotarev.

He added that the project with the participation of popular regional leaders and iconic figures in the party list will have electoral success.

“The project with the participation of popular and influential mayors who join the party “Renaissance”, has the potential to overcome not only the 3% and 5% threshold and be represented in Parliament. It’s not only in the successful passage of the party list, but the fact that this project will be presented to the successful deputies-mazhoritarshchik who, for the cadence of the Parliament worked with their districts. Surely we will see them in the next convocation of the Verkhovna Rada”, – said the analyst.

According to Zolotarev, the need in the party, which would unite composed of mayors of cities and iconic figures of local government is long overdue.

“Decentralization has given new powers, but there are new problems. Reform itself is not finished, it needs to be completed, and in this as no one are interested mayors, the regional elite. This project, some experts have already called the party of mayors. His appearance waited not one convocation. But every time policy or to persuade the mayors to join this or that political force, or interfere with other reasons. Today, the mayors don’t want to wait for the mercy of politicians from Kiev, and are willing to do to influence the process and to endure the useful management experience, which is, on the scale of the country”, – said Zolotarev.