The party Zelensky Pro-Russian scandal was “a servant” not of the people

В партии Зеленского пророссийский скандал: нашелся "слуга" не того народа

The journalists have unearthed the communication “public Servants” with the Pro-Russian party Murewa.

Party Zelensky “servant of the people” plunged into a new scandal – journalists uncovered a connection with the Pro-Russian party Murewa.

Won the parliamentary elections from the party “servant of the people” for 170 district in Kharkov Andrey Odarchenko in 2018, has made almost 200 thousand hryvnias at the expense of the party Evgeniy murayev “Our”. This is stated in the investigation of journalists of the program “Schemes”.

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In the report of the party “Our” in the third quarter of 2018, which is posted on the NAPC website, reporters found his name. Future MP then made two cash contributions to the accounts of the party Murewa totaling 198 500 hryvnia.

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At the same time he Odarchenko denies this and says he does not share the ideology of the political forces Murewa.

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Andrew Odarchenko – Dean of the faculty of management, trade and business and customs activities in Kharkiv state University of food technology and trade.

Note that the present faculty has among students is extremely ambiguous glory – informed media covered the scandal in GUPT, in the center or the size of bribes for exams in this faculty.

Before the parliamentary elections Andrew Odarchenko was a businessman and owned several companies from the management and rental property in Odessa.

According to journalists, Odarchenko through his father’s business of Mykola Odarchenko is associated with a high-ranking border guard of times of Victor Yanukovych and ex-aide to the son of Yanukovych’s Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka Artem Pshonka) Vadim Slusarek. It slyusareva called “shadow curator” staff “Servants of the people” in Kharkiv.

В партии Зеленского пророссийский скандал: нашелся "слуга" не того народа

В партии Зеленского пророссийский скандал: нашелся "слуга" не того народа