The path to the default carrier: the media learned about the consequences of the controversial tender “uz”

Путь к дефолту перевозчика: СМИ узнали о последствиях скандального тендера "Укрзализныци"

The management of funds in the “Ukrzaliznytsia” remains opaque under the control of the officials of the Ministry of infrastructure. Inspection of the carrier undertaken by Gosudarstvenoi, revealed violations of almost 12 billion UAH, while UZ is preparing for a controversial tender for the purchase of wheels for carriages and bands of 2.4 billion UAH, which may give rise to a default carrier.

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So, two tenders – for the supply 54861-piece forged wheels (1.9 billion UAH) and for the supply 20400 PCs of tires – rims on the wheels (to 505 million UAH) – was announced in late may the “Center for support of the production of” UZ. Delivery is expected to occur before 31 December 2022 – we are talking about a contract for almost 2.5 years. Journalists clarify that that level of detail is enough for more than 9 thousand cars, while the preparation of documentation interested parties of the time allotted until July 9. Journalists believe that the quantity and terms you can talk about the corruption component of the transaction.

So, the article notes that in Ukraine there is no production, capable of producing so large a party of wagons, and the acting Chairman of the Board of UZ Ivan Yurik pointed out that the feasibility of large-scale purchase of wheels no, because ULTRASOUND has no plans to increase the construction of cars.

Journalists suggest that the tenders of BONDS for purchase of wheels and tires can be an attempt of the Ministry of Infrastructure to help out, “Interpipe” Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

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The current contract for 2.4 billion UAH in Ukrainian realities is so great that it will cover all the needs of the market. As a result, none of the other wheel supplier will not be able to claim their share on the Ukrainian market, and the price of the wheels in the absence of competition are not likely to be reduced.

In terms of the current price in the tender the BONDS for the Interpipe has great ROI when you implement wheels – more than 100% (35976 UAH for one solid-rolled wheel – the so-called highest possible average price for this tender).

The status of “Interpipe” as the only manufacturer of the wheel allows you to create a deficit on the Ukrainian market and sell them with high margins. This situation should be of interest to the AMC, say market experts.

“Interpipe” is the only Ukrainian producer of railway wheels (brand KLW). Manufactured by wheel priority was directed for export, to the BONDS of the products sold by the residual principle.

Wheels that meet the technical requirements of the BONDS, except Interpipe produces only two Russian companies (Vyksa metallurgical plant and Evraz NTMK) and one Kazakhstan (LLP “Prommashkomplekt”). Any delivery from Russia these wheels as a strategic product in the current environment will be blocked.

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In the fall of 2020 will be certified production of the Kazakhstan LLP “Prommashkomplekt”, then the price of solid-rolled wheels in Ukraine will be substantially reduced. Therefore analysts do not see the point in signing a contact for the purchase of the wheels on the prohibitively high prices and fixing these prices for 2.5 years.

As recalled by the publication, in 2015, UZ announced a technical default, and in April Vladislav Crickley admitted the possibility of its recurrence – the amount of unfulfilled obligations of the carrier exceeded 15 billion UAH.