The Pavlograd gradually get used to the fact that the dog is man’s best friend

Павлоградцы постепенно привыкают к тому, что собака - это друг человека

An unexpected problem faced by dog handlers and guide FSK them. Shkurenko in the landscaping of the grounds for training dogs is that not all local residents like this neighborhood.

On 8 August during the press tour the journalists said the Director of the KU “sports complex to them. M. V. Shkurenko ” Pavel Top.

Earlier Pavlograd handlers rented part of the territory of the stadium “miner”. But the stadium was leased to the football club “atrium”. The question arose about where to place a platform for the training of dog handlers. It was decided to equip a Playground in an abandoned area of the Park, on the street Komarova.

– When we started to put the fence, we are faced with the fact that the fence was broken, – said Pavel Top. – People wrote complaints that the dog is not needed. We wrote the answers that this site is not for dogs but for people who love dogs, including for children.

Here we will be able to hold competitions of international level. Here you can stay with tents, on hammocks will be installed podium.

So, for the arrangement of playgrounds for practicing the section “Sport dogs” in the Park on the street Komarova, KU “sports complex to them. M. V. Shkurenko ” on an area of about 1 ha has 104 sections of metal fence with poles and fixtures amounting to 124.7 thousand UAH. Purchased paving stones and curbs to the amount of 19.9 thousand UAH, the lighting will be installed. Already installed pavilion 10 m x 6 m cost 356, 4 thousand UAH, which will be the warehouse will include offices, a bathroom, a shower and a point guard.

The opening ceremony for the classroom section of “Sport dogs” is scheduled for the 235-th anniversary of the city of Pavlograd – by 12 September.