The peak of the epidemic in new York waiting a week

Пик эпидемии в Нью-Йорке ожидают через неделю

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Detroit, new York and Louisiana could reach the peak in a week. This opinion was expressed at the briefing, the coordinator of the White house to combat the spread of coronavirus Deborah birx.

“The situation is most acute in the Detroit area, in new York city and Louisiana, she said. – We assess the situation in urban areas and in rural areas. According to forecasts, the peak in these hot spots can be reached within six or seven days.”

“The situation in each of these areas different,’ she continued. You know what the number of deaths in new York city. If a preventive measure in new York will work – and we consider them to be effective, the number of infections will decline, but the decline in the number of deaths will happen later.”

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations based on data from Federal and local authorities, the number of infected people in the United States is 305,8 thousand the Number of deaths in the United States has now reached 8 291, 1 905 in the city of new York.