The penalty was decreased: by how much now gets unscrupulous employers

Штраф снизили в разы: на сколько теперь попадут недобросовестные работодатели

The Minister of economy of Ukraine Tymofiy mylovanov commented in a recent interview with information on amendments to the Labor code. In particular, it was a question of introduction in Ukraine of the 12-hour working day and the dismissal of pregnant women from work.

As the Reporter, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, December 12, adopted a law that relates to sanctions for violation of labor laws.

It is reported that people’s deputies supported a proposal to reduce fines against employers who allowed to work unregistered employee.

Under the new law, in this case, the amount of the fine will be set at ten times the minimum wage. It should be noted that this decision was supported by 267 deputies.

The law States that the penalty will be assigned in the following cases: if the employee is allowed to work without issuing an employment agreement or contract; designed for part-time work, and the employee worked full time; payment of salaries was carried out without the calculation and payment of single contribution.

In these cases, the penalty established in the tenfold size of the minimum wage, set by law of Ukraine on the moment of the violation.

If the revealed violations by legal or natural persons, which are payers of the single tax of the first-third groups, they will be given a warning.

If such violation will be recorded again in the period of two years from the date of detection of previous violations, the fine will increase to thirtyfold of the minimum wage.

If you do not comply with the minimum state guarantees regarding remuneration, in this case, the penalty will be twice the size of the minimum wage.

Also “the Wall” wrote that the fifth President of Ukraine, people’s Deputy to the ninth convocation of Petro Poroshenko from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada commented on a criminal case that is against him opened in the RRG.

Штраф снизили в разы: на сколько теперь попадут недобросовестные работодатели