The Pentagon confirmed: Ukraine frozen for political reasons

В Пентагоне подтвердили: помощь Украине замораживали по политическим причинам

High-ranking employee of the Pentagon Lara Cooper, responsible for the Ukrainian direction, confirmed that he had information about the intentions of the administration of the trump unfreeze defence assistance to Ukraine in exchange for a statement about the investigation against Biden.

This is stated in the declassified transcript of Cooper at a hearing in the House of representatives of Congress, made public on Monday, reports UKRINFORM correspondent.

“Deputy assistant Secretary of defense Laura Cooper showed that the President of the trump through the Office of management and budget has ordered to freeze critically important for Ukraine military aid worth hundreds of millions of dollars – despite the objections of career military Ministry of defense, representatives of the state Department and other agencies,” reads the joint statement of the heads of committees leading the investigation into impeachment.

Cooper also told the committees that she has been repeatedly expressed by other US officials its concerns regarding the legality of freezing the funds allocated by Congress. In addition, she pointed out problems that may arise due to the delay of this assistance the White house.

“Cooper also confirmed that the meeting with Ambassador Kurt Volker on 20 August 2019, he clearly hinted that the freeze on aid can be canceled if Ukraine will be ready to make a statement related to interference in the elections”, – reads the statement of the heads of committees.

We will remind, deputies of the democratic party in the House of representatives in late September initiated an investigation into the impeachment of trump because of the suspicion of putting pressure on Ukraine with the purpose of gaining political advantage in the presidential election in the United States. This week, the committees that are investigating, will move to the phase of public hearings.