The Pentagon is considering additional funding to combat coronavirus

Пентагон рассматривает возможность дополнительного финансирования для борьбы с коронавирусом

Previously, trump has been asked to allocate $ 2.5 billion to combat coronavirus

On Wednesday, the Pentagon told Congress that it is considering the possibility of additional funding to combat the spread of coronavirus. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Reuters.

It is noted that the statement was made several hours later, after the U.S. military reported that South Korea has caught American soldiers.

“He (coronavirus – ed.) apply to, and we cannot give you a definite answer on whether we need additional resources or not,” said the army General mark Milly, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, speaking at a hearing in the house Committee on the armed forces.

The head of the democratic minority in the Senate Chuck Schumer, according to “Voice of America”, presented a request for additional funding in the amount of 8.5 billion dollars for renewed efforts to combat coronavirus in the United States. This is an alternative plan of administration of the President of the United States, Donald trump, who has previously asked Congress to allocate $ 2.5 billion to combat coronavirus.

In addition, South Korea coronavirus COVID-19 contracted military of the United States. 23-year-old American soldier was taken to a US military base camp Hampi, which is located near the city Pentek.